I am a front-end developer and designer specializing in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Check out some of my work here or connect with me below.

Some of my work

  • Upstage Lighting & Sound

    Upstage Lighting & Sound

    Site currently under development. Coming soon!

  • CSS3 Day Cycle Animation

    CSS3 Day Cycle Animation

    A day cycle that is done completely with CSS3 animations. (webkit support only)
    (HTML/CSS(3), Labs)

  • Blue Spirit Systems

    Blue Spirit Sysyems

    BSS's full site development. Live site is currently offline.
    (Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript)

  • CSS Pin-Wheel

    CSS Pin-Wheel

    Using CSS transforms and a bit of JavaScript, created a simple pin-wheel effect.
    (HTML/CSS(3), JavaScript, Labs)

  • River Ridge Dentistry

    River Ridge Dentistry

    Complete front-end development, Flickr API integration. Design by Jeff Casemier
    (HTML/CSS, JavaScript)

  • jQuery Table Hover Plug-in

    jQuery Table Hover Plug-in

    Simple plug-in that applies an html class to cells for custom styling.
    (JavaScript, Labs)

  • JS Alert Override

    JS Alert Override

    A script that will replace JavaScript's native alert with a modal, while retaining it's native alert function.
    (JavaScript, labs)

  • jQuery Placeholder Support Plug-in

    jQuery Placeholder Support Plug-in

    Plug-in to add placeholder support to browsers that do not support it.
    (JavaScript, labs)

  • JavaScript FlipNav

    JavaScript Flip-Nav

    Re-created a jQuery plug-in with native JavaScript.
    (JavaScript, labs)

  • CSS Animated Text Background

    CSS Animated Text Background

    Using some simple CSS3 animation properties, I created an animated background effect. (webkit support only)
    (HTML/CSS(3), Labs)

  • JavaScript UI Slider

    JavaScript UI Slider

    UI Slider for user interaction, rating scale, alpha numeric sorting, etc.
    (JavaScript, Labs)